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Villas, cottages and houses with a plot

For the inexperienced in the intricacies of Israeli real estate market of the inhabitant words: villa, cottage and private home or a house with a plot - if not full of synonyms, a notion very similar. But for the experienced buyer is not the same thing. And if someone is looking for a villa, a cottage it is better not to offer.

So, what is the difference of the villa houses on the land, a house in the land of cottages and villas from villa?

House in the land or house with land in Israel is usually called the structure, which for some parameters or to the villa, or even up to the cottage falls short. For example, the area is not prestigious or the structure is made of any gevesa. Is it possible to call a cardboard house villa? But even if it's built the house on all sides by concrete walls and cover the roof tiles, he still will not be Villa, as well as adjacent to it will remain normal houses with lots, and the prestige of the district will do its work.

To understand the difference between the cottages and villas, you'll need a little understanding of the low-floor building in Israel. It can be private or centralized one construction contractor. The contractor, in turn, can perform model projects, and can make them customized. Depending on this structure and the entire area may be more or less prestigious, and expensive.

It is clear that the project made on a private villa, will be much more prestigious model cottage. Although other indicators may it does not concede, and even surpass.

In sovoyu themselves cottages and villas are divided into different groups.
It houses can be on 2 separate families. Do not think that in the villa for 2 families you will have to live with neighbors in the same house. No, just an area on which to build a villa, designed for the construction of 2 houses, in contact at least one wall. It may even be a very small connection, but it should be, and all documents will mean that it is one building on the two families. And if the house is on a separate site, the prestige can not be anything. It is a separate villa!

Cottages may be almost no different from the houses of two families, even to be separately constructed houses, but on a model project, so their value in the eyes of the buyer will be much smaller than the villas.

Even less will be cottages, built in a number of so-called trains, which touch the walls of several dwellings. This medium will be cheaper and more angular. They are usually part of more and less than one neighbor's side

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